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More Than Modern Kitchen Design... We Create Kitchen Architecture
Bjella Kitchen Design Studio of Minneapolis, Minnesota

Integrated kitchen design, architecture and interior design.

From our modern kitchen design studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota, kitchen designer, Tim Bjella, crafts artful kitchens that stand apart from the crowd. Together with his staff of creative kitchen designers, architects, and interior designers, he sculpts every aspect of each kitchen, harmoniously merging the architecture, interiors, lighting and cabinetry. This holistic approach to kitchen design culminates in extraordinarily detailed modern kitchens of all styles that are consistently published in prominent architectural design magazines - Architectural Digest, Better Homes and Gardens, Trends International Kitchens, Residential Architect and Great American Kitchens, to name a few.  More...

We design kitchens outside the box... literally.

The traditional approach to kitchen design is for a kitchen designer to select cabinetry from a cabinet manufacturer's catalog and accessorize it. This approach ultimately limits the design of the kitchen to the aesthetics predetermined by the kitchen cabinet manufacturer. An inspired, one-of-a-kind kitchen is out of the question. Our modern kitchens don't come out of a box. We design them from scratch. This allows us to create custom cabinets to fit the space and the desired aesthetic, not the other way around. We sculpt cabinets and kitchens like an artist sculpts clay. This approach allows us to create what we call kitchen architecture.  More...

What is the difference between kitchen design and kitchen architecture?

Kitchen architecture is a step above kitchen design. It encompasses more than the simple selection of cabinets from a cabinet manufacturer: architectural space is sculpted and interior design is integral, not pasted on. Rather than an afterthought, our lighting design transcends functionality, establishing a mood and accenting features of the space. We can do this because we are not just kitchen designers, but also registered architects, interior designers and lighting experts. Our parent company, Bjella Architecture, provides the architecture and interior design services for our kitchens, small or large.

Our kitchen designers create one of a kind, architectural kitchens anywhere you live: from California to Minnesota to New York. Stylistically, our kitchens vary from High-tech ultra modern to old-world European, rustic mountain, contemporary craftsman and classically inspired mediterranean. Many are architecturally eclectic and defy categorization. The one thing they all have in common: they are all uncommon. There are no other kitchens like them anywhere in the world.  More...

Why hire Bjella Kitchen Designers?

  • Inspired Modern Kitchens Design

    You have been in a magical kitchen and want one of your own. You recognize that light-filled kitchens with pleasing proportions, delightful details and sensual textures stir your emotions and lift your spirits. You care about the intangible as much as the perceptible.

  • Unique kitchens - designers of modern kitchens

    You are unique - shouldn’t your kitchen be, too? You need a kitchen designer with the ideas and imagination to make your kitchen stand apart from the crowd. All of our modern kitchens are singular expressions of our clients. Like true works of art, they are never alike.

  • Why Hire our Kitchen planners and Kitchen Designers

    You want the kitchen designer on the letterhead to design your kitchen. Tim Bjella, designs all of our kitchens and will design yours.  More...

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